STORY: Sourdough September inspires 5,600 social media posts in 56 countries

The Real Bread Campaign’s Sourdough September generated 5,600 social media posts from at least 56 countries.

It said: “Run each year to celebrate the delicious delights of genuine sourdough and the people who make it, the initiative encourages people to buy a loaf from a local, independent Real Bread bakery, or bake their own at home.

“Thank you to everyone who ran, or took part in, any sourdough shenanigans during the month.”

Activities this year included classes, demos and tastings across the world.

As part of the campaign’s ongoing #WeAreRealBread initiative, it asked people to post their sourdough selfies. More than 120 photos can be found on its Facebook gallery – a selection of these is above.

Lesley Lloyd of One Mile Bakery in Pontardawe, Wales, said: “It really helped with promoting our microbakery,  as we only launched 6mths ago, improved our confidence in baking and allowed us to meet lots of great people in person and online.”

Lucie Steel, Birch Bread, Pangbourne, Berkshire: “We have given away a LOT of sourdough starters, so much so we have NO spare pots of any kind left in the bakery!!! Big Thanks.”

Dilly Boase, Nizi Bakery, Hereford: “I think it's a great initiative. This September has been really hard and politically chaotic, and I would imagine people have been somewhat distracted from lovely ideas like this, but it has been good for my mental (and digestive) health to have made lots of sourdough at home ...which I wouldn't have done without the constant reminders on Twitter!”

Douglas Muir, London Road Craft Bakery: “Although I made sourdough for family and friends, I never quite got the oomph to make a batch for my bakery customers. Thanks to Sourdough September, I got up the courage to do my first batch of sourdough bread today for sale.”

Liz Grieve, Doughlicious Bread Club, Dumfries: “You are doing great work encouraging people to make Real Bread.”

The initiative will be back for an eighth year in 2020.