STORY: The Sourdough Loaf Mark and what it means


This #SourdoughSeptember The Real Bread Campaign wants to encourage shoppers to seek out and support bakeries that have signed up to The Sourdough Loaf Mark scheme, which was launched in August 2020. The bakeries now signed up to The Loaf Mark scheme are: 


Borderlands Bakehouse 

FAB Bakery 


Ruth's Little Kitchen 

Anna's Kitchen 

Bread and Roses 

Greenfield Bakers 

The Loaf 

Secret Bakery Harrogate  

Anuna Craft Bakery  

Breadcrumb Baking 


Ma Baker 

Sourdough Sophia 

Artisan Bread Organic ABO 

Britain Loves Baking 

Hobbs House Bakery 


South By West / Doorstep Breads 

The Bakehouse & Findhorn Bakery 

The Celtic Bakers 


My Loaf 



Chalk Hills Bakery 

Jo's Loaves 

One Mile Bakery Exeter 

Tides Kitchen 

Barkby Bakehouse 

Coffee Kitchen 


Pagnol Boulanger 

Two Magpies Bakery 

Beck Hill Bakery  

Companions Bakery 

Kennington Bakery 

Peters Yard 


Big River Bakery 

E5 Bakehouse 

Kipton Baker 

Pure Brot 


Billowing Loaf 

Emma's Bread 

Knead Good Bread 

R+R Bakery 


Bobs Bread Bakery 

Evendine Sourdough Bakery 


Ross Bakery 



Each of these bakeries has signed an annual agreement to use The Real Bread Loaf Mark only to promote bread without processing aids or other additives. The agreement limits the use of The Sourdough Loaf Mark to Real Bread leavened only with a live sourdough starter culture, though not all Loaf Mark users bake sourdough bread.