STORY: Ginger Bakers collaborates with coffee roastery for delivery boxes

Artisan cake makers Ginger Bakers have collaborated with Rinaldo’s Coffee Roastery to launch a new two new speciality home delivery boxes.

The two companies based at Plumgarth’s near Kendal have joined forces to create a speciality home delivery coffee and cake box and a speciality home delivery tea and cake box.

Lisa Smith, owner and founder of Ginger Bakers, said: ‘’Our coffee and tea boxes have been specially created to allow people to enjoy our delicious treats in the comfort of their own home, and enjoy a drop of freshly brewed tea or coffee from Rinaldo’s range of speciality beverages at the same time. Because our boxes are delivered direct to the door, they make a perfect thank you gift for friends or neighbours or work colleagues at affordable prices.’’  

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