STORY: New Délifrance loaf 'reflects shifting perception of bread'

Délifrance has created a new Nordic Loaf made with several different types of flour and seeds, reflecting shifting consumer perceptions around bread.

According to the Délifrance report Prove It – 40% of consumers say they want healthier bread options, while 21% say they want breads with more flavour choices and made from different flours.

Enter the Délifrance Nordic Loaf. Inspired by a traditional Nordic recipe it is made from three different types of flour (wheat, rye, and barley) and packed with seeds (sunflower, linseed, and sesame). It has a distinctive flavour, a crunchy crust, and beautifully soft crumb – making it perfect for crafted open sandwiches or as an accompaniment.

Designed to contain everything you need for a busy day – Délifrance Nordic Loaf is packed full of beneficial nutrients. Just one slice packs as much protein as 70g of cooked green lentils and as much omega-3 as a walnut, as well as being a great source of minerals (Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, and Phosphorous).

Stéphanie Brillouet, marketing director for Northern Europe and North America at Délifrance, said: “As the wellness trend continues, it’s essential operators respond. Consumers want to see fresh, traditional breads that offer a premium and authentic experience, as well as nutritious ingredients. That’s why we’ve developed our Nordic Loaf. A cleaner, healthier bread that delivers an extraordinary and guilt-free sensory experience.”

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