Unox has announced the launch of X-Generation, the most powerful combi oven ever made. With the release of BAKERTOP-X™ the way bakers interact with their oven is changed for good.

As a company at the forefront of innovative and sustainable equipment design and manufacture, Unox has launched its brand-new flagship combi oven, evolving the company’s existing portfolio of professional combi ovens. The Italian-based manufacturer considers this new generation of ovens to set a new standard in terms of both performance and user-machine interaction in a professional kitchen.

Featuring two unique models, BAKERTOP-X™ and CHEFTOP-X™, X-Generation is the result of a project that lasted more than three years and combined the expertise of over 50 dedicated engineers, physicists, chemists and chefs. Taking inspiration from the way we interact with our remarkably intelligent smartphones, these latest ovens feature Digital.ID™, for a fast, intuitive and fully customisable interface, complete with hyper-connectivity enhanced with artificial intelligence.

One oven, two designs, both delivering the simplest of controls. BAKERTOP-X™ is an oven designed specifically for the needs of bakeries and pastry shops, while CHEFPTOP-X™ is for use in foodservice. Intuitive and designed to learn from the intricacies of each baker, BAKERTOP-X™ instinctively adapts to a kitchen’s preferences, asking for the operators’ feedback after each cooking process to improve and align cooking performance with expectations. There’s more, the ovens are equipped with state-of-the-art technology including HEY.Unox with which chefs can voice operate their ovens or the optional OPTIC.Cooking accessory, allowing operators to simply place a tray into the chamber while letting the oven visually identify and start the correct program.

The new X-Generation ovens from Unox are designed with the goal of minimising their environmental impact, both during production and particularly when in use. Complete with smart functions including SMART.Energy, a system that is capable of reducing and optimising consumption and CO2 emissions, even when the oven is running empty. Moreover, the technology in the oven can provide personalised suggestions to users on how to be greener while cooking, for example by warning if the door has been open for too long. Completed with enhanced insulation technology to further limit heat loss and make BAKERTOP-X™ one of the most efficient cooking solutions on the market.

On the launch of the X-Generation from Unox, Scott Duncan, Managing Director of Unox UK comments:

Innovation runs to the very heart of our business. From striving to develop commercial cooking equipment with energy efficiency and sustainability at its core, to technology that supports operators, drives consistency and delivers precision time and time again. Continuing to explore the possibilities in terms of manufacturing and technological evolution, we’re proud to launch X-Generation – the most powerful range of combi ovens ever.

BAKERTOP-X™ really is the next generation in professional cooking. An oven that understands the way a chef speaks, in whatever language and can learn how and when they are used to drive efficiency and consistency in the kitchen. Equipped with state-of-the-art Digital.ID™ technology, the ovens come with ‘HEY.Unox’, enabling chefs to operate the oven with their voice. First seen on SPEED-X™, Digital.ID™ is a truly remarkable user interface that can now also be found on BAKERTOP-X™. Operated from the oven or via an app for complete remote access at any time. Built on a user profile format, operators can log into any connected Unox Digital ID™ enabled oven, anywhere in the world to instantly see their own customised layout including language, buttons, menus and favourite recipes.”