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So welcome to 2021. I'm not going to talk about 'new normals', 'reach out' to you (bleugh) and I'm definitely not going to talk about these 'unprecedented times'. I think we're all a bit bored of that rhetoric.

The constant faux caring you get in your inbox these days is beyond tedious and into actually slightly distasteful. Is the guy who serviced your car in 2017 actually that worried about your welfare? Or is he just sending a thinly-veiled advert out, dressed up as a note of concern. Cynical? Maybe. But tell me I'm wrong...

Joyously, this sort of behaviour only acts to highlight those who are quietly getting on with actually helping people, actually being there when it matters. A friendly smile, a short exchange over a morning loaf.

Yep, I'm talking about you. Still open, still on the front line, still getting on with it and being amazing. And not having to shout about it to all and sundry on social media either... because that's not why you're doing it. It's not about being thought of as kind, it's about actually being kind.

This issue is all about Vegans on page 13, Flavours and Colourings on page 28, Easter on page 34 and Healthy Bakery on page 21. And we're celebrating a few milestones too - 100 years of Muntons on page 30, and 200 years of Dunn's on page 24. (Lockdown celebration, anyone?)

Oh, and there's a state-of-the-nation piece from Finsbury Food Group on page 38, and a catch up with Hayley Calthorpe of British Bakels thrown in for good measure, on how the company has adapted over the last 12 months and its plans for the future.

As ever, if you've got anything to tell me about - good, bad or ugly, just drop me a line. I always want to hear from you. Because this is your magazine, written about you and for you - so what you think matters. In fact, it's absolutely crucial.

Keep your chins up and keep soldiering on. Have a great month.