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As Bakery Business goes to press we are under the impression that we might... maybe... possibly... be allowed out soon. But as we have all now learnt through bitter experience, these things are subject to change. That doesn’t stop me having everything crossed though.

This is for my own selfish reasons (which include wanting to go on holiday, wanting to cuddle people, wanting to eat out so someone else can do the cooking… I could go on and on), but it is also for you. Because my-oh-my has this been a long haul.

Remember last March when Boris told us we’d be locked down for three weeks? And we all merrily believed him (well I did, anyway), and trundled happily into life at home, unaware that I’d be there for over a year. I’m not saying this is Boris’ fault, I don’t suppose his crystal ball extends much further than my own, but I am saying woah... how our lives have changed in that year. Some for the better and some for the worse.

On the bleaker side bakeries have struggled. Some have folded altogether. Others have stayed open but been subjected to the result of other people’s fear, which at times has come out as rudeness, anger and frustration.

But there are silver linings. There are always silver linings. As ever, the bakery industry has pulled together, dug in its heels and refused to be beaten. But I expected no less to that end – that’s just what you do. You diversify in the face of adversity. You help one another – and the wider world – to stay together, to feel connected, to carry on. …This letter feels like it’s going a bit Churchillian, but I don’t see that as a bad thing.

In this time of being offended by everything and everyone, (or ‘woke’ as it is known), you have stuck to what you know, refused to bend, and just kept going. To those of you tired of keeping going, I hope there isn’t long to go. Brighter skies are on the horizon. Keep going.

To those of you who are just getting started – like our raft of micro-bakers on page 12 – good luck to you and welcome aboard to the most inclusive, helpful, friendly industry there is. You’re going to love it.

Elsewhere in this issue we’ve got Doughnuts on page 17, Ovens on page 26, Free-From on page 31, Food-to-Go on page 36. Quite frankly, what more could you want?

Read it, share it around, use it as loo roll (ok, not the latter – that was last March, not this one). Whatever you decide to do with this issue I hope you enjoy it. As ever, let me know either way – I am always happy to hear from you.