Environmentally friendly Carlex Spray release agent to see 65% plastic reduction with new aerosol cap

Zeelandia UK, a leading UK baking ingredients and solutions supplier, has announced a new initiative to introduce packaging changes to its best-selling release agent. 

Driven by global engineers at the Royal Zeelandia Group, which has operations in over 25 countries worldwide, the project aims to reduce plastic waste by launching a new, smaller cap that fits over the nozzle of the Carlex release agent spray.  

Furthermore, it will now come packed in an FSC-certified carton box made with 100% recycled material and closed with paper not plastic tape, meaning the boxes can be recycled again.  

Release agents are hugely popular with craft and in-store bakeries, allowing the quick and efficient release of baked goods from tins and trays. 

Carlex, offered in a 600ml aerosol spray is well known for it’s convenient size, easy-to-use application and suitability for use with vegan products. The spray is also palm oil-free, drip-free and with the easy directional nozzle, it stays where you spray, so it is highly economical in use – with only a small amount required to obtain excellent release of baked goods. 

The change to the cap alone will decrease plastic by 65%. Based on current global sales of Carlex Spray across the Zeelandia group of companies this removes an impressive 17T of plastic a year from our supply chain.  

Andrew Taylor, Zeelandia UK’s CSR Ambassador, said, “At Zeelandia, we are always seeking ways to not only improve our products, but also make them more sustainable for the environment. This subtle change, which will be rolled out to UK customers this year, will make a difference in reducing our carbon footprint.” 

To learn more about Zeelandia’s release agents and sustainability initiatives, visit https://www.zeelandia.co.uk/products/release-agents-1