STORY: Lantmännen Unibake's chocolatey launch

Baking specialist Lantmännen Unibake UK is launching its version of a classic Chocolate Twist, under the company’s Schulstad Bakery Solutions brand. Available to foodservice customers now, the new indulgent treat, made from light flaky pastry, chocolate chips and vanilla custard cream, taps into consumer demand for authentic and delicious freshly baked snacks.

The bakery category has had a challenging year, particularly for individual ‘grab and go’ items. As restrictions continue to ease and we finally see the return to some form of normality, there is a real opportunity to drive growth within the category. To help with this, Lantmännen Unibake UK has identified key drivers for sweet pastry growth in 2021 and beyond.

With 79% of shoppers willing to pay more for hand-crafted products, artisan solutions that provide joy and create memories are key to meeting consumer demand in sweet pastry. Something that is fresh and authentic, that demonstrates skill and provenance, and evokes nostalgia when served warm will appeal most.

Research also shows that ‘continuous snacking’ is a core trend. 62% of adults snack at least once a day and 37% of 25–34-year-olds say they snack instead of having a proper meal at least once a week. Providing options that are tasty, convenient and easy to pick up on the go will attract valuable customers.

As the third best-selling SKU within French Viennoisserie, selling 15 million units annually, a melt-in-the-mouth ChocolateTwist is essential to any sweet bakery offering, meeting the drivers of authenticity and convenience. 

The new Chocolate Twist by Schulstad Bakery Solutions is made using light, flaky French pastry, crafted into its traditional shape by hand-twisting. Using a recipe that is bespoke to the brand, the Schulstad Bakery Solutions Chocolate Twist delivers provenance and authenticity – made of buttery laminated dough filled with smooth vanilla custard cream and just the right amount of indulgent chocolate chips, which produce an intense chocolate flavour.

This new hand-holdable product provides the perfect on-the-go breakfast, brunch or snack solution, especially as an accompaniment to hot drinks. It is supplied frozen and ready to bake on-site, ensuring that the product is always served fresh, with tempting aromas of warm-baked goods helping to drive sales.

Kate Sykes, Marketing Manager, Lantmännen Unibake UK, comments: “Our research shows that, despite the challenges of the last year, there is a continued demand for sweet bakery items, and by understanding the key drivers to category growth, we aim to deliver real benefits and solutions to our customers. 

“The popularity of the Chocolate Twist has been growing for a number of years and we’re now delighted to offer our foodservice customers a high quality, authentic option that meets the key drivers for growth – artisan and snacking - underpinned by the need for freshness, taste and value for money. 

“Our unique, hand-crafted and convenient Schulstad Bakery Solutions Chocolate Twist delivers an indulgent chocolate hit encased in buttery flaky pastry, providing the ultimate feel-good on-the-go treat.”

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