STORY: Vegan goes mainstream

CSM Ingredients is encouraging bakers to ensure they have a robust vegan product range available 365 days of the year to meet demand, as the ‘niche’ sector becomes part of every-day product ranges.  And, as part of its plans to encourage bakers to incorporate a wide of range vegan products across their ranges, CSM is giving away samples of its vegan cream and a selection of new recipes to help bakers create the most delicious vegan cakes. The recipes include a new Vegan breakfast muffin which is ideal for On The Go younger audiences, a Vegan long doughnut for all age groups and a delicious Black Forest Cake, perfect for celebrations.

With over 500,000 people pledging to start eating vegan as part of 2021’s campaign[1], CSM is helping bakers make the most of the opportunity with its plant-based mixes that ensure that bakers have plenty of choices to help create a high quality range of products that appeal to all age groups and food preferences. The products enable a wide range of applications across the board from celebration cakes, to every day muffins to fillings for doughnuts. Available in two delicious flavours; Plain and Chocolate, the mix is suitable for all types of bakes, from whole cakes and loaf tins, to individual portions such as cupcakes and muffins. For adding an extra layer of indulgence to cakes and bakes, Craigmillar Lactofil Vegan is a deliciously sweet and light product that is ideal for fillings and decorating a professionally piped look. The high whipped volume means it can whip up to three times its own size which gives the product extra value for money as a little goes a long way.

[1] The Guardian Oct 2021