STORY: Bertinet Bakery promotes power of sourdough as daily loaf

Sourdough bread brand Bertinet Bakery is supporting the Real Bread Campaign to raise awareness that everyone can enjoy genuine sourdough bread as an everyday alternative to their standard sliced loaf.

Bertinet Bakery launched a market-first, fresher-for-longer, softer, ‘sandwich-friendly’ sliced sourdough range across Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado last year. 

The collaboration is taking form as a series of initiatives to champion all-natural bread, making it available across major supermarkets.

Bertinet Bakery will be highlighting the potential health benefits of sourdough bread with resident nutritionist Jenna Hope, and head of bakery Anomarel Ogen.

Together with the Real Bread Campaign, they will be researching consumer perceptions of bread and sharing insights via a PR and marketing campaign across press, social media and press advertising. 

Time-honoured baking methods

“We’re delighted to support Real Bread Campaign as part of our aligned goal to promote time-honoured baking methods and to get better quality all-natural bread into more homes across the UK," says Dan Barrett, MD of grocery for Bertinet Bakery and Bread Holdings.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of what goes into their food and there is no better time than now to support the cause for Real Bread made better”.

“Our vision is for everyone to have the chance to choose Real Bread," adds Real Bread Campaign coordinator Chris Young. 

"It’s good to see Bertinet Bakery putting Real Bread (and genuine sourdough bread at that) on supermarket shelves within reach of millions of people.

"The rise of local Real Bread bakeries and home-baking remains at the heart of our campaign, but Bertinet Bakery working at scale to give everyone access to all-natural bread that can be popped in the toaster is key to changing perception of what is possible.”

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