STORY: La Lorraine Bakery Group creates new sweet pastries

La Lorraine Bakery Group is tapping into the early morning market by launching a range of sweet pastries.

Its new Mini Classic Viennoiserie Mix range features a selection of mini croissants, mini raisin swirls and mini chocolate rolls - aimed at outlets offering a mix-and-match service within a brunch bar or breakfast buffet setting. 

La Lorraine Bakery Group has also added two new flavour variations to a chocolate twist. The Double Chocolate Twist, served well as a breakfast grab-and-go offering or handheld snack, features a cocoa coloured and flavoured crust, filled with chocolate-infused custard and filled with dark chocolate drops.

Alongside this is a new Apricot Twist - featuring apricot-infused custard made with pure, fine butter. Also new to its range is its Pain Au Chocolat Artisanal Au Beurre product - a pastry enriched with smooth, rich chocolate made with pure butter. 

The new products are delivered part-baked, allowing caterers to only ‘bake-off’ what they need, which means more convenience and less wastage. These products can be defrosted within an hour.

“The morning meals sector has big potential and as one of the market leaders in frozen bake-off products in Europe and the UK and Ireland, it is important that we are serving customers with a wide range of quality products that suit every need," says Rebecca Dunning, trade marketing manager for La Lorraine Bakery Group.

"Offering a twist to some of the good old classics has been a great way to innovate and expand our offering and I believe customers will really connect with our new range of products."

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