STORY: BAKO consolidates its three regional divisions

BAKO has completed a process that sees the operations of its three regional trading divisions consolidated into one to better reflect the company’s national footprint.

It’s trading subsidiaries in Preston, Durham and Wimbledon will now operate under a single national entity, BAKO Limited, while operational systems will also be consolidated to help streamline and boost efficiency of operations across the entire UK.

Established over fifty years, BAKO distributes bakery products to customers across the UK with a multi-temperature fleet of over 70 vehicles. The company provides independent bakers and caterers with a wide range of ingredients and finished products from quality suppliers, as well as its own BAKO Select branded range.

Michael Tully remains as Group CEO, Ian York as Managing Director of BAKO Preston, Paul Long as Managing Director of BAKO Durham, and Ed Branch as General Manager of BAKO Wimbledon.

Chief Executive Officer Michael Tully said: “The unification of our three regional trading subsidiaries under a single national brand marks a new era for BAKO, increasing our ability to serve the entire country with completely joined-up processes that will provide an even better service for our customers.

“The coming together of BAKO across the country will also help further increase the buying power of our national group and the collective benefits of BAKO membership for independent bakers and purveyors of quality baked goods throughout the UK.

“Current members can rest assured that they will continue to see the same names and faces they are used to working with in their individual regions, but that they will also see the systems improve and enjoy the further benefits of this coming together of the group.”

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