STORY: Stacey's Bakery takes on two new bakers

Two new starters, Kevin Byrne and Dinesh Heenatigala Gam Acharige, have been taken on as bakers at long-established, Derbyshire family firm, Stacey’s Bakery - bringing more than 30 years of experience with them.

The company, set up by Guy Stacey in the early 1900s, and now run by his great-grandson David Stacey, has two branches in Ilkeston, as well as ones in Eastwood and Heanor.

“What attracted me to the role is the fact it’s a long-established family business with a good background," says Kevin. “It’s gone through Covid and survived, and their products are a favourite amongst a lot of generations.”

For Dinesh, who has 17 years of baking experience, Stacey’s is “a nice company, with nice people and a nice boss.

“I’m really enjoying the job. Although there are different Stacey’s recipes, the process is the same as what I’ve been trained in, and Stacey’s has lovely customers."

Kevin has 16 years’ experience in the bakery industry, having started out in supermarkets - first Sainsbury’s, progressing to confectioner baker, and then Tesco, where he was a bakery manager.

After some time out and working in roles including hotel manager and as an Aldi deputy manager, he decided to return to the bakery, for a better work/life balance.

He has already been getting his teeth into the role, creating a hedgehog loaf to be sold on Saturdays, which he says has been going down well with customers.

Dinesh, meanwhile, comes from a background of working as a baker in hotels in his native country, Sri Lanka, where he qualified.

He then worked for First Choice Bakery in London for 10 years, before moving to Derbyshire last December.

David Stacey welcomed his new bakers to the team, saying: “Dinesh and Kevin came to us with a wealth of experience and a desire to impress.


“We welcome them to the Stacey’s work family and are excited to see how their skills can enhance our trusted brand.”


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