STORY: No eggs? No problem! The egg replacement solution you have been looking for

Struggling to get hold of eggs to finish your products? 

Fed up with fluctuating egg prices? 

Customers demanding clean-label, plant-based options?

Make your products shine with Sunset Glaze – The original ready to use, UHT egg substitute glaze

  • Perfect on both sweet and savoury products
  • Ideal for egg-free and dairy free diets
  • Plant-based – suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan diets
  • Apply both before and after freezing – Freeze-thaw stable

Un-beatable shine for the most enticing finished products from pastries to brioche and burger buns – Sunset Glaze can also be used to stick grains to the top of your products.

Available in 10ltr and 12 x 1ltr formats

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