STORY: Baker's Green Commitment

For the fifth consecutive year multi-award-winning Cumbrian bakery Ginger Bakers has achieved Green Small Business accreditation.

Recognised as the leading environmental certification scheme for UK small businesses, Green Small Business is a highly regarded form of green accreditation, which demonstrates the participating businesses commitment to being a sustainable business and reducing their impact on the environment in which they operate.

Ginger Baker’s owner Lisa Smith has demonstrated her commitment to running as sustainable a business as possible for the last five years, committing to taking positive steps to do something positive to help her minimise waste and improve her business’s overall sustainability.

By undertaking to operate in this way Lisa has shown her commitment to constantly evaluating and improving her business’s overall environmental performance and its green credentials, forming part of her long-term business development and growth plans. Which is essential in Lisa’s view when it comes to sourcing ingredients, packaging, disposing of packaging waste and using valuable energy resources to bake and distribute her cakes and bakes.

Green Small Business accreditation is only granted to businesses who can demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the Green Small Business Standard, which is why the scheme is widely accepted as a benchmark for small businesses wanting to do their bit and help reduce their environmental impact.

Lisa Smith, owner of Ginger Bakers, said: ‘’As a business we’ve made a long term commitment to reducing our waste, saving energy and minimising our overall impact on the planet. This is the fifth year we’ve achieved Green Small Business accreditation but the work doesn’t stop there. It’s an ongoing process which requires us to constantly examine the ways in which we do business. You can’t sit still as there’s always something that we could do better to reduce our environmental impact. But the good thing about Green Small Business accreditation is that the entire process is really simple and easy to implement and because of that it means that the measures you put in place don’t cost a fortune to put in place, which given the current business climate is especially relevant for small businesses up and down the country.’’