It’s a balancing act to offer a range of breads that will entice customers whilst keeping inventory and processes consolidated.

In our research we found that 26% of consumers would opt for a premium sandwich when purchasing a lunchtime meal deal, with 28% opting for a classic sandwich*. We followed up by asking what their preferences were for premium sandwiches, the baguette was most popular (23%) followed by ciabatta (22%), sliced bloomer (19%) and focaccia (12%).*

With the cost of living still on the rise, people look to smaller indulgences for a mood boost. While the consumer looking for something more at lunch times can’t be overlooked, premium sandwiches typically require premium breads that deviate from the classic sliced loaf.

Bakels has been coming up with solutions to help bakeries of all sizes bake smarter. This centres around versatile premixes that can be used to bake multiple products. Such as, Bakels Multiseed Bread Concentrate for breads and savoury and Bakels Multimix Cake Base for sweet bakery. Consolidating to a single versatile premix not only simplifies storeroom inventory and operations but can also reduce product wastage.

The Bakels Bakers have been taking it further by making multiple breads using just one batch of dough. This can be ideal for smaller bakeries that want to make smaller volumes of several breads. While larger and industrial bakeries can benefit from its simplification of ingredients and process. 

Not just a convenient premix, Bakels Multiseed Bread Concentrate contains four wholesome grains and is a source of fibre and protein**. For more information, including our ‘One Dough, Five Breads’ recipe, scan the QR code or click here.

*  Source: Bakels/VYPR 2024
** When adhering to the classic multiseed recipe