Dawn Foods has launched a year-long marketing campaign focussing on the joys of sweet bakery products and in particular cake!

From choux buns to brownies, fruit tarts to crème cake, donuts to muffins, Dawn’s Total Cake Solutions has been developed for bakers across all channels and features some exciting new recipes, along with expert advice on maximising sweet bakery and cake sales, from the company’s team of experienced bakers.

Cake in all its glorious formats has been a delicious staple in the British food canon for hundreds of years. And while in the past consumers may have felt guilty about indulging, Dawn points to its Global Bakery Trends Report ( which highlights that today’s consumers view enjoying a ‘Daily Delight’ sweet treat as good for their wellbeing. The same survey says there is also plenty of demand from consumers – especially Gen Z audiences – for experimental ideas in cake format and flavours too.

Despite this demand, bakers are faced with fluctuating ingredients costs, along with sourcing issues, so they are looking for the ingredients that they currently use to work much harder, as Jacqui Passmore, Marketing Lead West EU & AMEAP at Dawn Foods explains:

“Luckily, using mixes and ready-to-use icings, toppings and fillings means that bakers do not have to buy in lots of different ingredients, with the current cost and availability issues that they can bring. Our customers have been telling us that they need support in how to make more of the ingredients they buy regularly – whether to make a simple but great tasting Madeira cake, for example, or taking the same mix and creating something adventurous to really elevate their offering.

“Dawn’s technical sales managers - all trained bakers themselves who know the Dawn product range inside out - have put together invaluable ideas and tips. These will be available on the Dawn website and across our social media for customers to access, along with some exciting ‘hero’ recipes that use ingredients from across our portfolio to create something a little different.

“We’ve joined British Baker too in its own celebration of cake by sponsoring Britain’s Best Cake Award 2024 with our own connoisseur of cake, Dawn Sales Director Garry Russell, taking part in the judging.”

Each month the Dawn Total Cake Solutions campaign will focus on one type of cake – with tips on mastering perfect cakes and sweet bakery offerings, and simply finished with products like  Dobla chocolate decorations or for more indulgent ideas such as a Craquelin topping or using choux pastry used as a donut topper. Summer Éclairs with Dawn’s Fudge Icings, Compounds and vanilla crème will be the hero recipe for April. And in time for Father’s Day in June, Dawn will be sharing new ideas for Brownies and Blondies using its ready-to-use mixes and the company’s range of indulgent fillings and toppings.

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