Waffle pack sizes on the up at Baker Street

Baker Street has announced a relaunch of its popular waffles in a new pack size, designed with busy families in mind who may be looking for alternative breakfasts and snacks. 

The waffles have changed from a six-pack to an eight-pack, and are twin-wrapped for freshness and convenience. 

Packed in a way to ensure freshness for longer (and a guaranteed 35-day shelf-life) the waffles are park of a £500,000 investment from Carrs Foods International into its Baker Street brand.

“We know the new Baker Street waffles will be a family favourite but they also tap into the trend of trading up breakfast choices," says Jeremy Gilboy of Carrs Foods.

"Consumers, particularly a younger demographic, will top waffles with other breakfast items like bacon and maple syrup for a meal worthy of posting on Instagram.”

The total breakfast market is now valued at £11.6bn.