New macarons from Brioche Pasquier

French pâtisserie brand Brioche Pasquier has released a new range of macarons showcasing both exotic and familiar flavours.

The Macarons Notes Fruités range features pineapple, mango and mandarin flavours alongside green apple, blackcurrant and strawberry with poppy seeds.

“Macarons are increasingly popular and we find that there is demand for a wide variety of flavours,” explains Brioche Pasquier's foodservice sales Manager Jon Turonnet.

“Macarons are small, delicious bites and people are prepared to experiment.

"They are looking for intensely delicious hits of flavour, together with the perfect macaron texture, a combination of crisp and soft with a creamy centre.

“Our expert pâtissiers bake to traditional recipes with high quality fresh ingredients.

"The company has a long history of creating the finest French pâtisserie, and we bake with skill and precision to ensure that our products arrive with chefs in perfect condition and can be served with pride.”

Macarons Notes Fruitées come frozen in boxes of 36; they need only defrosting to serve and are free from artificial colours, flavours, palm oil and preservatives.