STORY: Two Magpies opens bakery school

Two Magpies in Southwold has just opened its third cafe in Darsham, which also houses a baking school.

Rebecca Bishop and partner Stephen Magnall run the Two Magpies Bakery in Southwold, and opened a second branch in Aldeburgh last autumn. Now they have opened the doors to customers at Darsham, the business's third site.

The new operation has so much space that Rebecca says the majority of baking for all the shops will now take place there, and she is delighted to offer new baking classes there to boot.

Aside from the bakery school, there is take-away counter, café and huge kitchens.

“The bakery is massive compared to what we had,” says Rebecca, “but we've filled it up quite quickly. We have a dedicated area for a baking school, the bakers have their own area, there's a dedicated pastry section and production room, and a 35 seat café as well.”