Bertinet launches new loaf format and announces new partnership

Bertinet Bakery, producers of natural, artisan sourdough breads, has announced the launch of its new large format 1.1kg sliced Seeded Sourdough and a new partnership with Milk & More.

The 1.1kg seeded sourdough will initially be exclusively listed in Waitrose and independent customers.

Milk & More is the UK’s biggest network of milkmen, delivering fresh artisan breads and other fresh produce direct to over 500,000 homes across the country, daily. Following the launch, the retailer now lists three sliced sourdough breads from the Bertinet Bakery range.

Seeded Sourdough is made using Shipton Mill Flour, toasted sunflower seeds, golden linseeds, water and sea salt. The company said "it responds to consumer demand for a larger, family size loaf that offers higher nutrient benefits, including fibre, healthy fats and protein. Bertinet Bakery shuns anything artificial and uses only time-honoured techniques to create an all-natural, artisan loaf."

The new loaf complements the existing range of five sliced sourdough breads, available in various 500g and 1kg formats.

The business recently invested in a new 20,000 square foot bakery in London, which they are continuing to invest in. This year, they increased capacity in Bath by 75%, expanding into the next-door unit, adding new equipment and state-of-the-art ovens.

David Dwek, Managing Director, Bertinet Bakery, said: “We are on a mission to change the way bread is perceived and consumed in the UK. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious, nutritious and natural long fermentation bread with the best ingredients and no additives whatsoever. We see customers are more frequently choosing sourdough bread for their everyday loaf, which is fantastic news for the hundreds of passionate artisan bakers, like us, across the country. We’re delighted to partner with Milk & More to make it even easier for customers to enjoy our bread by delivering it straight to over half a million doors every day.”