STORY: Bakels' chocolatey new addition

Bakels has launched new CHOCOLATE MILLIONAIRES CARAMEL PF, the latest addition to the True Caramel range. Free from palm oil and made with sustainably sourced (UTZ-certified) cocoa, Chocolate Millionaires merges two big flavours into one indulgent and versatile ingredient.

The short-eating caramel is perfect for traditional Millionaires Shortbread, as well as a variety of other indulgent sweet applications. Top doughnuts, fill muffins, layer on-the-go bars and much more, Chocolate Millionaires Caramel PF provides all the versatile qualities of traditional Millionaires Caramel, with a chocolatey twist.

Traditional qualities tailored to 21st century demands

The launch of Chocolate Millionaires Caramel PF follows the introduction of Vegan Caramel PF in early 2021 and Raspberry Millionaires Caramel PF in 2020. The range also includes caramels such as low-sugar, for the growing demand for balanced sweet goods, and low water (AW) for long shelf-life applications. Thanks to investment from the Bakels Group into a high temperature boiling line in 2017, Bakels are equipped to produce caramels on scale through a traditional process, with the added benefit of delivering tailored varieties according to seasonal consumer taste and customer application requirements.

British Bakels Marketing Manager Michael Schofield comments: “We’re expanding our True Caramel range with a consumer favourite flavour: Chocolate. The flavour continues to be a big hit with consumers and remains a core staple for most bakeries, so pairing this with Millionaires Caramel provides a double-indulgence and a real opportunity for bakers to deliver a moment-of-wow for consumers.

“Caramel has been big across bakery and beyond in recent years and with our manufacturing capabilities, we’re able to produce caramel to suit flavour, texture and seasonal requirements, as well as application and shelf-life demands.”

The responsible sourcing of raw materials is big on our agenda, so the use of sustainably-sourced (UTZ-certified) cocoa, coupled with the removal of palm oil means the new addition to the range delivers on taste and sustainability advantages.”

Chocolate Millionaires Caramel PF is available in convenient 12.5kg lined-pails.

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