STORY: Dawn launches sourdough doughnut mix

Dawn Foods, creator of the original yeast donut mix in 1920s America, has launched a new sourdough donut mix, a ‘mash-up’ that combines everything consumers love about sourdough bread and donuts in one easy to use product, enabling bakers to tap into the latest sourdough popularity trend.

The new Sourdough Donut Mix, which needs to addition of water, butter or margarine and fresh yeast, creates finished donuts with a buttery sourdough flavour that is much less sweet than a standard American-style donut. A darker crust, just like sourdough bread, gives added texture, while the inside of the sourdough donut has a soft, light, and airy eating quality. 

Dawn’s Sourdough Donut Mix is part of the ‘Dawn Exceptional’ premium product line developed to deliver category-leading quality and performance. The new mix is versatile so it can be used across many applications including ‘hybrid’ sweet bakery products with the sweet/sourdough combination pairing well with real fruit or custard fillings, as well as nuts, chocolate or caramel. Recipes developed by Dawn Foods using the new mix include Pecan & Walnut Sourdough Donuts, and ‘mash up’ ideas such as Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls, and Sourdough Bagels.

“By using a mix, bakers can be guaranteed consistency, an authentic sourdough flavour and texture in every batch of finished product, without having to buy in special sourdough ingredients and creating their own starter ferments”, explains Jacqui Passmore Marketing Manager UK and Ireland at Dawn Foods.

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