STORY: Maltesers adds fruity flavour to its biscuit

Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats (MCD&T) has announced the launch of Raspberry Maltesers Biscuits.

Each biscuit has three light raspberry malty bobbles, smothered in milk chocolate, and joins the existing Maltesers Biscuits range, which also includes mint and orange variants.

More than 4.8m households have tried Maltesers Biscuits since the original SKU was launched in 2020, with the range now worth £6.9m.

A new marketing campaign, ‘have an afternoon snap’, launched last month aims to increase household penetration with an anticipated consumer reach of some 12m consumers.

“Once consumers try Maltesers Biscuits, the repeat purchase is high," says Michelle Frost, general manager at MCD&T.

"The new variant will offer more choice to both Maltesers fans and biscuit enthusiasts.”

Raspberry Maltesers Biscuits will be available at B&M from March 2022. RRP: £1.49 for 110g pack containing 10 biscuits.

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