STORY: Dawn Foods launches frozen vegan doughnut

Dawn Foods has further expanded its range of vegan thaw and serve products with the launch of a vegan finished frozen doughnut.

Available in two classic shapes – a glazed ring and a jam filled ball – Dawn’s new Vegan Donuts have an artisanal, handmade appearance with a light crumb structure to give a soft eat.

Operators can simply thaw as needed and sell. Both doughnuts are covered with Dawn’s unique Non-Sticky Donut Glaze, which guarantees bakers and caterers easier product handling once thawed. This glaze also means bakers can sell the new vegan doughnuts in packaging without the worry of the glaze being smudged.

Dawn’s new Vegan Donuts defrost in just two hours and are ideal for bakers who wish to capitalise on the current boom in doughnut popularity, as well as the massive growth in vegan and flexitarian eating. These doughnuts have no artificial colours or flavours and have been developed to appeal to everyone, making them an easy solution for operators as they do not have to ‘double up’ on stock.

“Dawn’s new Vegan Donuts are the natural extension to our portfolio of vegan frozen finished products and mixes which have seen impressive sales growth since their launch," says Jacqui Passmore, marketing manager for UK and Ireland at Dawn Foods.

“The significant number of people now choosing vegan and flexitarian bakery options along with the renaissance of the doughnut category – from plain iced through to elaborately filled and topped doughnuts – made it a logical step to launch a doughnut in our frozen vegan range offering.”

“Many leading doughnut brands have picked up on the vegan doughnut trend, so Dawn’s artisanal finished Vegan Donuts will enable high street bakers and caterers to follow suit.”

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