STORY: BBF Limited reveals winter 2022's baking trends

From Middle Eastern inspired flavours, to modern twists on much-loved classics, BBF Limited has revealed the latest bakery trends for winter 2022.

According to analysis from the ambient cake and dessert manufacturer, consumers will be seeing celebration cakes on shelves which have added height and toppings to give a premium feel, while comforting flavours are expected to be popular.

From savoury twists and healthier options, other trends include:  

  • Overloaded bakes: adding perspective to cakes has been one of the biggest trends of 2022 to date and over the coming months we’re going to continue seeing celebration cakes with lots of added decoration. Not only are overloaded bakes aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer value for money appeal, which consumers will be prioritising over the coming months
  • Sweet but savoury: the more traditional cake toppings – such as brownie pieces, broken biscuits and sweets – are expected to be replaced by savoury options. Pretzels, popcorn and waffles will prove to be popular as not only do they offset the sweetness, but they also offer colour contrast.
  • Warmer flavours: from flavours with a Middle Eastern origin to modern twists on much loved classics, as we approach the cooler months shoppers will be looking for warmer, more comforting flavours. Spices such as cinnamon and cardamom will be integrated, while popular flavours such as sticky toffee, salted caramel and pumpkin spice are going to remain firm favourites.
  • Healthy balance: the diet requirements of consumers are continuing to evolve and people are focusing more on healthy alternatives to traditional ingredients. As a result, the bakery sector is seeing a trend towards people looking for alternatives to sugars which are deemed healthier – think honey, fruit, seeds and nuts.

“As we approach the colder months, consumers will be increasingly seeking small moments of joy," comments Jonathan Lill, CEO of BBF Limited.

"Our desire to seek out comfort in moments of stress is likely to lead many people to seeking out nostalgic, comforting flavours.

“It’ll also be interesting to see what impact the World Cup has on the eating habits of Brits. Normally, the sporting event takes place over the summer months so we see summer snacking products in high demand with friends and families coming together to watch the game over a barbecue.

"But, with the sporting event taking place in winter this year, we’re expecting all year round products – such as mini-rolls, cupcakes and apple pies – being a popular snacking option,” 

BBF Limited develops and manufactures an extensive range of high-quality ambient cake products across several different categories including celebration cakes, fruit pies and tarts, chocolate enrobed cakes, Christmas cakes and mince pies.

The baker works closely with the UK’s most prominent retailers to produce more than 600m cakes/desserts annually.

Photo by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash

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