Supporting Customers, Farmers and Hospitality this March, whilst Bringing Awareness to Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming pioneers, Wildfarmed have collaborated with 19 bakeries nationwide and will tour London, Manchester, Darlington, Skipton North Yorkshire, the Lake District, Nottingham, Oxfordshire, Sheffield and the Cotswolds every week throughout March to give away £10,000 of baked goods, made with Wildfarmed flour, to help ease food budgets. All shoppers need to do is turn up at their favourite local bakery and say, “Show me the Wildfarmed”, whilst stocks last. Also in March, Wildfarmed will give away a further 2,000 loaves, pastries and baked goods at Marks & Spencer and Ocado via cashback app GreenJinn.

Participating bakeries in London are British Patagonia, Aries Bakehouse, Signorelli, Sourdough Sophia, Beaten by a Whisker, Layla Bakery, Chatsworth Bakehouse, Ozone and Bun Dat; also taking part are Manchester’s Companio and Holy Grain; Darlington’s Bakerman, winner of Britain's Best Loaf 2022; Skipton’s Keelham, the Lake District’s More? Artisan; Nottingham’s Good Honest; Oxfordshire’s Orange Bakery; the Cotswolds’ MOR Bakery and The Long Table and Sheffiled’s Marmadukes.

A full list of participating bakeries, the dates of their giveaways and their offerings as follows:

  • 2nd March – British Patagonia, London N1 – Rhubarb Hazelnut & Orange Pastry
  • 10th March – Bakerman, Darlington – Baked Goods
  • 11th March – Aries Bakehouse, London SW2 – 100% Wildfarmed Baguette
  • 17th March – Signorelli, London E20 – Croissants & Focaccia
  • 17th March – Sourdough Sophia, London N8 – Wholemeal Loaf
  • 23rd March – Beaten by a Whisker, London E17 – Bun
  • 23rd March – Keelham, Shipton North Yorkshire – Keelham Sourdough
  • 24th March – Layla Bakery, London W10 – Wholemeal Loaf
  • 24th March – More? The Artisan Bakery, Lake District – Wholemeal Sourdough
  • 30th March – Companio, Manchester – Wildfarmed Baguette
  • 30th March – Good Honest, Nottingham – Pecan Buns & Sourdough
  • 31st March – Chatsworth Bakehouse, London SE19 – Pizza
  • 31st March – Holy Grain, Manchester – Baked Goods
  • 31st March – Orange Bakery, Wallington Oxfordshire – Wholemeal Loaf
  • 31st March – Ozone, London E2 – Wholemeal Bran Cake

Ever-conscious to support their stockists and customers, January ’23 saw Wildfarmed give away £250 dinner tabs, totalling nearly £5000, supporting hospitality in a traditionally tough time of the year, and bringing joy to diners whilst pockets are tight.

What is Wildfarmed?

Wildfarmed is a food business that represents change. By farming differently, in a way that works with nature, Wildfarmed flour is regenerative, fully traceable and tastes better. Wildfarmed wheat is grown in nutrient rich soil without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, where grasses, trees and perennial plants are put back into the "fields of single crops", restoring biodiversity, soil and ecosystem health. Farmers are rewarded for the quality of their grain within a supply chain that empowers businesses and consumers to become part of the solution to the world’s most complex problem: climate change. 

Already embraced by Michelin-starred restaurants, pasta and pizza chefs and leading bakers across the country (highlighted stockists include Manteca, Strakers, Moro, Fallow, Hide, Pizza Pilgrims and Jolene), Marks & Spencer launched a range of M&S X Wildfarmed breads in October 2022.  The range includes M&S Wildfarmed Fruit & Treacle Bread, Sunflower & Spelt Bread, Wheat & Rye Flour Bread and White Bread. By simply buying a loaf of M&S Wildfarmed bread, customers can support Wildfarmed’s mission to become the biggest soil regeneration programme on British arable land


Wildfarmed’s mission is to restore biodiversity within arable fields, and to improve soil and ecosystem health whilst creating a traceable field to plate network which allows consumers to participate in this restoration. All Wildfarmed products are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, in a system that increases soil biodiversity and produces nutrient dense food. Wildfarmed’s farming approach is committed to improving soil health, and there is a multitude of ways they do this, from poly-cropping, to cover crops, to strip tilling. Ultimately, if we can get grasses, trees, and perennial plants of all kinds back into the “fields of single crops” that cover two thirds of the country, we can make agriculture a solution to our biodiversity and climate crises rather than a contributor. 

By combining multiple wheat variations, multispecies permanent pasture, high density grazing by sheep or grass-fed cattle, compost teas and bio-stimulants, strip tillage and inter-row mowing plus other techniques, Wildfarmed estimate that they can build organic matter by 0.1-0.2% every year. 

Wildfarmed flour doesn’t just affect one part of the sustainability transition, it helps to: 

  • Increase biodiversity in soil
  • Promotes food education
  • Reduce carbon emissions

More nutrients in the flour = better human health 

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