STORY: Sweet pastry and hot drink pairings can drive sales

Almost 96% of consumers consider purchasing a sweet pastry with a hot drink, according to new research from Lantmännen Unibake’s Schulstad Bakery Solutions brand.

Understanding the importance of incremental sales to an outlet’s bottom line, Schulstad Bakery Solutions brand has identified the UK’s top five sweet pastry and drink pairings, to help businesses augment sales opportunities.

Pairing a sweet pastry with a drink is more likely to encourage 87.6% of consumers to make a purchase.

In addition, 66% of consumers habitually pair these items together at least once a week. This presents operators with a significant opportunity to upsell these natural pairings at the point of purchase and secure those all-important incremental sales.

With 71.6% of consumers considering the flavours that go well together when making a sweet pastry and drink purchase, it is important for businesses to ensure they have the right choices available. That’s why the new research from Schulstad Bakery Solutions asked consumers to choose and rank their favourite sweet pastry and drink pairings, enabling the brand to identify the nation’s top five:

  1. A Maple Pecan Plait paired with a Vanilla Frappuccino
  2. A Vanilla Crème Crown matched with a Hazelnut Hot Chocolate
  3. A sweet Apple Crown coupled with a Caramel Frappuccino
  4. A mini Cinnamon Swirl paired with an Iced Almond Latté
  5. And a 24-layer Danish Pastry Mini Raspberry Square with a Vanilla Latté

“With 66% of consumers regularly purchasing a sweet pastry alongside a drink, coffee and pastry pairings offer a major opportunity for operators to drive incremental sales," says Chris Bernard, senior development chef at Lantmännen Unibake. 

“Pairings alone aren’t a new trend, but what is becoming a bigger part of this occasion is the importance of the drink and pastry flavours working together to create the ultimate experience for the consumer. Elevating the consumer taste experience by pairing ingredients that have a natural affinity – such as pecans and vanilla, or vanilla, hazelnut and chocolate – will help operators to secure repeat custom.

“As the overall taste experience becomes an increasing focus for consumers, with 61% of consumers saying they would like to receive advice on the best pairing options, it’s important that operators are able to guide their customers on what pairings to choose. Our research findings and top five pairings are here to help provide inspiration on exactly that, and we would encourage operators to experiment with different drink ingredients or even invite their customers to a tasting event to help solidify a menu offering.”

The research also showed that nearly 90% of consumers would be encouraged to buy a sweet pastry and drink if they were on promotion, meaning operators must promote any available offers clearly, or upsell at point of purchase by offering a pastry that best suits the drink order (or vice versa). 


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