STORY: Young consumers find iconic British cakes 'boring'

A new survey of UK consumers aged under 35 has called time on iconic British cake flavours, with 86% deeming a wide range of bakes 'boring to eat'.

With younger consumers looking to explore new exciting tastes - such as the rising popularity of exotic flavours (such as pomelo), and the appeal of superfruits and more intense flavours (such as salted caramel, cookies and coffee) - the national survey of 2,000 people by The Delicious Dessert Company asked what they thought of a range of traditional British cakes.

The results suggest a wide range of staples may have had their day with younger people - with the Great British afternoon tea in need of a complete overhaul.

Which iconic British cakes are out of favour with young people?

Fruit cake, which has been around since ancient Roman times, may have become too ancient for the taste buds of young Brits.

It topped the list as the most boring cake for 33% of under 35s - although some relatively good news for Scotland; their Dundee cake was disliked by far fewer people (15%).

A royal favourite made popular by Queen Victoria, who was said to enjoy a slice a day, today the Victoria sponge is regarded as boring to eat by 27% of young people - even though it remains popular with over 55s. And a surprise call for the health conscious - carrot cake also faced the chop with younger people (27%).

Regardless of whether cream teas are Cornish or Devonian, the taste sensation of scones has had its day with more than one in four young Brits (26%). And when it comes to smaller cakes, the messy vanilla slice is not only hazardous to eat but it also failed on taste sensation with younger people (22%).

Meanwhile, cream cakes - incuding doughnuts and eclairs - faired relatively well, with only 14% of under 35s say they have had their day - and these cakes are also untouchable favourites among the over 55s (6%).

“After two years of lockdown and home isolation, millions of families have taken time during their day to enjoy a cup of tea and a treat together," says Claire Smith, head of insight at The Delicious Dessert Company.

"What this research shows is, while the habit of afternoon tea remains - and traditional staples are no doubt ever popular with older people - the younger generation are getting more demanding on the treats they want to enjoy.

"We have seen this with ice cream and puddings, there being a move towards more exotic and intense flavours among young people.

"The Delicious Dessert Company is bringing the same ethos to cakes and sweet treats Our aim is to re-invent traditional staples and our first three eclair products have already exceeded one million packs sold. As we count down to summer, we have a brand-new range of luscious desserts on the way, with an exciting twist that will bring exciting taste sensations back to summer gatherings.”

Top ten cakes regarded as boring and in need of a makeover:

Fruit Cake


Victoria Sponge


Carrot Cake




Madeira Cake


Vanilla Slice


Apple Turnovers




Dundee Cake


Bakewell Tart


Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

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