STORY: New Bites range launched by Donut Worry Be Happy

Belgian doughnut brand Donut Worry Be Happy is tapping into the miniature desserts market with the launch of Bites - a brand new range of filled mini doughnuts.

The range is available in six  new flavours: the Apricotty Bite offers a filling of apricot marmalade; the Caramba Bite features a smooth, creamy caramel toffee filling; the Crazelnut Bite offers a burst of chocolate hazelnut; and the Speculicious Bite is packed with a speculoos filling.

Those looking for a fruitier snack can opt for the Very Berry Bite, a sweet product encased with red summer berries. Those in the market for a hint of white chocolate can try the White Chocolate Bite, which has a white chocolate centre.

Coated in a light dusting of icing sugar, each bite contains 100% natural colours and flavours and is packed with sustainable, high-quality ingredients using only cocoa and chocolate that is 100% UTZ certified, along with real Belgian chocolate and real fruit jam fillings.

Each bite can be defrosted within 90 minutes and is targeted at all age groups. Ideal for cross selling alongside other growing categories such as tea and coffee, these products are also suitable for vegetarians.

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